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Let The Games Begin

UPDATE: North Korea has not backed down with missile testing. A few weeks ago (May 9th to be exact) we posted an article about what to do if Tokyo suddenly becomes a target for NK missiles. Find it here Once again we need to stress to Tokyo residents, it only takes 5 minutes for a NK missile to reach downtown Tokyo. 5! Forget what the so called experts are saying. My military contacts have confirmed the level of danger if this becomes a shooting match. Read more [...]

U.S. warship, heading to North Korea, trains with Japan

Rescue Japan Emergency Relief Organization is gearing up for assisting aid in the Tokyo area in case our pals in NK decide to release missiles into Japan. Of course Japan has an effective missile defense system and so does the U.S. military. The problem is if NK decide to release a barrage of missiles at the same time like a hundred, I guarantee some will get through. And the first thing they will target in Japan are municipal resources, power plants, banking centers and densely populated buildings. Read more [...]

Rescue Japan Gears Up For Typoon Support

Rescue Japan is currently contacting suppliers to stock up on vital supplies to send to workers and victims in Typhoon disaster areas. Local NPO groups are gearing up to relay distribution of necessary items to assist self defense forces in temporary shelters. To find out how you can help please contact Rescue Japan by submitting the contact form on this website. Read more [...]

Kumamoto Relief

Rescue Japan is announcing a relief program to aid victims in Kyushu effected by the earthquakes of April 16, 2016 01:26 in the morning. We are coordinating with local authorities, a volunteer center and NGOs working in the area to help with logistics, to provide aid and volunteers if necessary to assist in relief efforts. Please check back with us for updates.  Join the ASA JAPAN program. This program is designed to get your company directly involved in providing aid supplies to victims in Read more [...]


(English follows) レスキュージャパンは昨年、茨城にて洪水被害により調理の場を失った住民の方々のために、ランチのケータリングイベントを行いました。 このイベントはワインのチャリティープログラムを通じて資金を調達、実働チームを構成し、被災地常総市内で開催され、200人の参加者が集まる盛況なイベントになりました。 レスキュージャパンは毎年、日本国内で自然災害による被災者のために、何か1つ支援活動を行うことを責務としています。 それが発足当初からの私たちのミッションステートメントです。そしてそれは今日もなお私たちの任務となっています。 私たちは今年もまた東北での支援活動を計画しています。 < Read more [...]

Annual Thanksgiving Cook Out Event

チームレスキュージャ パンは11月29日に茨城県常総市にて毎年恒例の野外料 理イベントを計画しております。 これは地震により家を無くされた被災者の方々のためのものです。 レスキュージャパンは地元のボランティアグループ「ジュントス」と協力し準備を進め ております。例年の東京での資金調達の努力により、このプロジェクトは100%レス キュージャパンの資金から提供されます。 このイベントについての詳細は追ってお知らせ致します。 リンク:   The Read more [...]


Rescue Japan staff went to the Yunuki Temporary housing community in Soma city in Fukushima November 23, to host a cook-out event for the residence there. RJ volunteers prepared Yakitori and veggie shish-kabobs, and showed the residences a new dish they had not ad before... grilled fajitas. RJ volunteers topped off the evening by preparing waffles with fruit and ice cream toppings and children got involved at designing their own desserts. The volunteer staff returned to Tokyo safely on the evening Read more [...]


Fukushima: Soma City The team went to Soma city to join one of the popular festivals.  Isobe Bonodori took place at the Isobe junior high school in Soma City. Rescue Japan staff went to distribute donated premium wines to guests attending the festival. There were about 100 bottles given away. We also met up with the Minami Sanriku Project director and staff on our way back to Tokyo when we stopped at the Yunuki Temporary Housing community.         Read more [...]


5月4日、支援グループ”楢葉いやしの森・坂本さん応援隊”さんへドックフードの支援を致しました。原発事故の被害にあっている福島県楢葉町で動物たちを守り続けている坂本さんを支援していらっしゃるグループです。坂本さんはライフラインが整っていない環境化、警戒区域ぎりぎりのところで非難せずお一人で懸命に動物たちを育て守り続けている方です。レスキュージャパンとしても協賛企業に協力をお願いし、継続的な支援ができるよう取り組んで参ります。また、”楢葉いやしの森”では個人の支援者にも協力を呼びかけており、amazonで購入したものが直接坂本さんへ届くサービスも行っています。ご賛同いただける方はぜひリンクをご覧ください。 《支援グループ”楢葉いやしの森・坂本さん応援隊》 HP:   《支援品》 *ドックフード Read more [...]


More than 3700 people gathered for a moment of silence on Facebook today to commemorate the 11 year anniversary of the Higashi Nippon Tsunami and Earthquake of March 11th 2011. The event started 2:46pm where participants where ever they are would stop for 11 minutes of Silence to remember the earthquake victims. Facebook gathered about 3700 people RSVP’d to participate in this event at the moment it started. A amazingly people were still joining the event after it was over to show their support Read more [...]