Let The Games Begin


North Korea has not backed down with missile testing. A few weeks ago (May 9th to be exact) we posted an article about what to do if Tokyo suddenly becomes a target for NK missiles. Find it here http://www.rescuejapan.jp/_wp/?p=3549

Once again we need to stress to Tokyo residents, it only takes 5 minutes for a NK missile to reach downtown Tokyo. 5! Forget what the so called experts are saying. My military contacts have confirmed the level of danger if this becomes a shooting match. US/Japan defenses may be able to stop 80% of a multi-level missile launch, perhaps a hundred missiles at once… it’s that 101st missile that bothers me. The one that gets threw.

If any NK missiles makes it to Japanese soil (particularly downtown Tokyo), it will have an impact like nothing you have ever heard in your life before.

Thing of the loudess thunderstorm you have ever experienced. Now multiply that by 10, with the addition of debris and bodies. All it takes is for one of those NK missiles to hit one of these well populated office buildings and there will be terror on a scale Tokyo has not scene since the WWII.

If the Japanese Government was not worried, they would not be advertising public service announcements asking people to take cover when they hear the Air Raid Sirens. These ads are airing now on TV.

The air raid sirens are located all throughout Tokyo on schools , municipal buildings, fire stations and Police buildings. It is very likely you live near one of these buildings so you should not have a problem hearing the sirens when they start.

Leaving one of your windows open at night when you sleep should help to get the sound through.

Keep in mind you have approximately 5 minutes from the time you hear that siren. Where the missile could land is a guess. So it’s best for you to get under ground. Subway stations are best but if they are closed, get to a place near your home where there are no buildings. Public parks and large parking areas are good.

Buildings hit with missiles eject materials side ways. Remember that. Glass and metal traveling at high speeds can cut, injure or kill you in an instant. The farther away from buildings you are the better. That is why underground is best.

If it is day time when the sirens start, drop what ever you are doing and head to the nearest subway station. The deeper the subway station the better. MIta line, Oedo line, Rinkai Line and Yurakucho in the downtown areas are best. All of the other subways I would not suggest using for bomb shelters unless they are a last option.

To prepare for long stays underground you should always have a backpack ready with at least 7 days of dry food and water, a first aid kit and a flashlight. Keep an extra battery charge unit for your phone, preferably the kind that takes normal batteries. Keep your face masks with you in your bag or purse, and an extra pair of protective glasses.

You could be asked at any time by local police and rescue workers to help them. So it might be good to carry a pair of gloves in your bag or purse as well.

The most important thing you could do is be prepared and vigilant about being ready to move at a moments notice.

Feel free to contact us if you need further information or advise on how to be better prepared.