Rescue Japan is accepting volunteers for projects this year. We are coordinating with local authorities and NPO groups in disaster areas across Japan to schedule volunteers and assign tasks. Please register below for consideration with one of these projects. Rescue Japan and affiliate NPO/NGO groups can get you started.


これらのプロジェクトの内一つでも参加をお考えの方は下記のご記入をお願いします。 レスキュージャパンとNPO/NGO団体で始めましょう。

氏名 Your Name

メールアドレス Your Email

日本在住ですか? Do you live in Japan?

住所 Your Full Address

携帯番号 Your Mobile Contact Number

緊急時連絡先(氏名・電話番号) Emergency Contact Person And Phone Number

その他(追加情報) Additional Information You Can Provide

Do You Have Valid Driver's License in Japan

Rescue Japan may also submit your information to affiliate NPO/NGO groups we are working with.